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The quality of the constant-distance steel ball inclined-rolling equipment is superior and the price is reasonable.

With the development of science and technology in the 21st century, some new equipment, land and land, boarded the stage of history. Such as Forging heating furnace ,steel ball inclined rolling mill, steel ball inclined rolling equipment,hot rolled steel ball machine, ball mill steel ball equipment and so on in recent years. The appearance of these equipment brings convenience to our industrial production! But it also brings troubles, such as more and more manufacturers to choose and so on. The following small series will show you the strength of our FOREVER manufacturers:

FOREVER electric furnace has been committed to the research of equipment reliability and energy saving, and the manufacture of high power equipment is on the rise. In 2009, the first domestic 2500KW production line for continuous heating steel ball rolling of bar was completed, and the production power can be from 160kW to 2500kW. The frequency is 500Hz ≤ 8000Hz, the heating diameter is 19-bar 150, and the length of steel bar is not limited. according to the customer’s demand, the PLC closed-loop control automatic heating production line can be realized. In 2012, the hot rolling heating production line of 4000KW steel bar can be made and applied in production, and the energy saving effect is obvious. In recent years, PLC automatic control has been realized in high power equipment, which saves labor cost and improves work efficiency. It provides thousands of forging heating equipment and heat treatment equipment for hundreds of forging factories and heat treatment enterprises at home and abroad.

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