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The performance advantage of induction heating equipment, you do not know yet!

 induction heat treatment equipment _ medium frequency induction heating furnace _ metal heating equipment induction heating equipment is different from the traditional metal heat treatment furnace, The traditional metal heat treatment furnace is being phased out, and the investment of the heat treatment plant is attracted. What kind of heat treatment equipment is the induction heating equipment? Let’s get up and take a look!

the induction heating device is different from the traditional metal heating furnace, Ability to meet the user’s demanding high-yield requirementsInduction heating equipment has a flexible mode of production, can be fully automated production, but also manual production, users only need to switch at the console; intermediate frequency heating equipment is composed of electrical system, mechanical system and other systems, mechatronics structure design, Siemens, Schneider and other international brands, with stable and reliable performance. The production can realize the environmental protection, because the intermediate frequency heating equipment uses the electric energy to carry on the heat treatment processing, the production process will not produce the exhaust gas waste smoke and the dust and so on pollution. The medium frequency heating equipment adopts PLC control system touch display screen, mechanization and intelligence, only one person can complete the production operation of the whole equipment. Induction heating equipment has a high success rate of start-up and does not need to preheat in advance. In the long run, compared with the traditional metal heating equipment, it saves a lot of cost and is a set of real energy-saving equipment.

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