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The market of medium frequency induction heating equipment is very large. You see, “sharing bicycles”

The market of medium frequency induction heating equipment is very large. You see, “sharing bicycles”

Forever is a high and new technology enterprise specialized in developing, producing and operating induction heating equipment in China. The main technical backbone of the company is from the domestic professional induction heating equipment factory. High and intermediate technical personnel account for 1/3 of the total number of employees, and Forever has outstanding innovation awareness and scientific and technological ability, advanced computer control and power electronic application technology, and rich experience in the manufacturing and heat treatment process of induction heating equipment. At the same time, it has long-term and close cooperation with many state-owned enterprises.

Now, there are all kinds of shared bicycles on the streets, such as ofo and so on. The emergence of these shared bicycles undoubtedly provides great convenience for our life and also changes the bicycle industry. As time goes on, the topic of sharing bicycles is getting hotter and hotter. Many people say that sharing bicycles will have a good development in future life. I believe that with the development of shared bicycles, intermediate frequency induction heating equipment will also have a good development.

During the use of shared bicycles, the parts such as shafts, gears, pedals and so on are worn rapidly due to the tremendous friction. In order to avoid this defect, it is very necessary to use induction heat treatment furnace for quenching heat treatment. After quenching with this equipment, the strength and durability of the components are greatly improved, and the production efficiency is high and the quality is good.

At present, the threat of sharing bicycles is “sharing bicycles is becoming street garbage”. The number of bicycles is too large, there is no parking. And at the same time, due to destruction, which results in increased urban waste.Therefore, improving the durability of bicycle components is also one of the ways to solve the problem, and secondly, it is also conducive to ensuring the safety of users. Therefore, the use of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment for bicycle parts heat treatment is currently a priority for bicycle companies to improve its mechanical propeties.

Forever company, as a manufacturer of induction heating equipment, has been widely used in various fields such as railway transportation, wind and electric machinery, oil machinery, mine, automobile manufacturing and so on, and can also provide all kinds of excellent technical solutions, high quality products and good after-sales service for users.

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