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The manufacturer of tubing heating furnace chooses far extension mechatronics, which is more reassuring.

Adhering to customer-oriented, leading the development of the industry to the remote extension electromechanical  tube induction heating furnace factory customers all over the world, but still focus on the needs of each customer.

induction heating machine

the strong production and manufacturing capability

1, the far-end electromechanical user’s own independent production plant and the product technology R & D center, strict production management;

2. After more than ten years of precipitation, it is always focused on induction heating and heat treatment; and

3, The processing performance of the induction heating equipment developed by the characteristics of the oil pipe is better, a plurality of matching schemes are provided, the model is large, the model is full, the one-stop production line is built,

4, the strict machining and assembling process, the mature processing flow and the professional processing team are provided, The production of the oil pipe heating furnace ensures the quality.

5. It has complete automatic detection equipment and system. The oil pipe heating furnace meets the national and international standards and reaches the leading level in the industry.

6. Accurate delivery: the monitoring of the processing flow and the real-time updating of the follow-up team. And the accurate delivery period of the oil pipe heating furnace is ensured.

Reasonable price, good quality, low price, medium frequency heating equipment factory and domestic and foreign well-known suppliers of high quality raw materials strategic contract relationship, with stable supply channels of high quality raw materials and affordable prices, so that induction heating equipment has the advantages of both good quality and low price, reasonable price is also a key factor for customers to choose and trust Yuantuo machinery and electrical machinery.


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