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The latest Technical status of Intermediate Frequency Induction heating Heat treatment equipment

The medium-frequency induction heating equipment and the intermediate-frequency heat treatment production line produced by the remote-to-large electromechanical  induction heating equipment manufacturers have been on the leading edge of the technology for 22 years, and the production of the induction heating and heat treatment equipment has the advantages of stable performance, direct sales of the intermediate frequency induction heating and heat treatment equipment factory, high efficiency and energy conservation, The operation is simple, and the high-frequency induction heating and heat treatment equipment technology is further analyzed based on the latest intermediate frequency induction heating and heat treatment equipment technology.

hardening and tempering machine

If induction heating heat treatment equipment can be divided into resistance heating furnace, induction heating furnace, ion body, electron beam heating furnace, laser beam heating furnace, gas heating furnace, fuel heating furnace and coal-fired heating furnace. At present, electric heating and heat treatment equipment is the main body in our country, accounting for more than 92% of the total. Other heating methods, gas, fuel and coal burning less than 8%. According to the medium in the furnace, it can be divided into air medium furnace, salt bath furnace, protective atmosphere furnace, flow particle furnace, controllable atmosphere furnace, real air atmosphere furnace and plasma furnace.

In the past 60 years, heat treatment equipment in China has been developing from air medium furnace and salt bath furnace to protective atmosphere furnace and flow particle furnace to controllable atmosphere true air atmosphere furnace and plasma furnace. At present, the heat treatment technology in our country is very different from that in foreign countries. The control of heat treatment process in the United States and other developed countries has developed towards automation, intelligence and flexibility. However, due to the historical reasons, many enterprises in our country are large and complete, the socialization of small and total heat treatment, industrialization and scale production have not yet been formed, so the production efficiency is low, and the remote extension mechatronics has introduced foreign advanced technology. It is at the forefront of automatic and intelligent induction heating technology.

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