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The key to selecting the right Frequency of medium Frequency Induction heating Furnace

For the choice of frequency of medium frequency induction furnace, it is a little too wasteful to choose the frequency of medium frequency induction heating furnace, and if the selection is too small, it may not be used. Only by choosing the right one, can the medium frequency heating furnace play its biggest role and bring more benefits to the enterprise. Therefore, the following points should be taken into account in selecting the frequency:

1.If your company needs to heat up a variety of specifications of workpieces, if the size and shape are not too different, you can choose as far as possible within the frequency range specified in the formula of frequency calculation;

2.if the size and shape of the workpiece are too different and the equipment cannot be satisfied, two or more frequencies can be selected to heat the workpiece. Second, a batch of different sizes of workpiece heating, generally according to small size and large production of the workpiece to select the frequency. For large-sized workpieces, it may be beyond the selected frequency range, but workers can extend the heating time to meet the process requirements of the workpiece. Sometimes, some enterprises may choose a lower frequency because of price problems, but, as a professional manufacturer of intermediate frequency induction heating furnace, we do not recommend such a method.

3.When the Curie temperature of the equipment inductor is low, the lower frequency heating is suggested, on the contrary, the medium frequency induction heating furnace with higher frequency is used for heating.


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