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The induction heating equipment is different from the traditional heating equipment!

induction heating electric furnace is a kind of metal heat treatment equipment used by current heat treatment manufacturers, which has a great tendency to replace traditional metal heat treatment equipment. The heating principle of induction heating equipment is different from that of traditional metal heat treatment equipment, and the difference between induction heating equipment and traditional metal heat treatment equipment is described in the following section.

Induction heating equipment and traditional heating equipment in the process of induction heating equipment, the heating power supply and the heated work-piece constitute an electromagnetic coupling system, the heat source is formed in the work-piece, belonging to isolated non-contact heating. Traditional heating is in the ceramic sheet, flame traditional heating process, the heat source and the heated object through direct contact heating, the heat source in the outside of the work-piece.

Induction heating equipment has a trend to gradually replace traditional metal heat treatment equipment, and enterprises also tend to choose green energy, coupled with the environmental protection requirements of current production enterprises, so induction heating equipment will appear as the backbone of many metal heating equipment in the future.


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