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The induction heating equipment is better than the traditional equipment!

 induction heat treatment equipment is a kind of intermediate frequency heating equipment with numerical control operation, which has high intelligent and mechanized production capacity, and is very suitable for mass production users of a large number of workpieces. Different from the traditional metal heat treatment furnace, the Induction heat treatment furnace uses intermediate frequency current to heat treat the metal workpiece. Let’s take a look at this medium frequency heating furnace.

The whole intermediate frequency heating equipment adopts mechatronics structure, which integrates the functions of feeding, transportation, heating, blanking and so on. It can process the work-piece as a whole or heat it locally, and the mode of production is diverse. The replacement of the furnace body is simple because the user may have different sizes of work-piece to need heat treatment, so the manufacturer according to the different size of the work-piece matching the corresponding specifications of the furnace body, the furnace body adopts fast-changing structure design, only need to connect the water and electricity joint to start working, reduce the user production standby time and improve the production efficiency; Computer one-click control, more intelligent intermediate frequency heating equipment using PLC control system touch display screen, the whole set of equipment work centralized computer control, one-click adjustment, intelligent, convenient and accurate; frequency converter drive, stable operation

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