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The induction heating equipment can be used for hundreds of times, and the performance is excellent.

In the far-end, there is a persistent pursuit for the improvement of the induction heating machine  , and any equipment is not perfect. The body, parts and so on of each set of Induction heat treatment furnace are all used to make it more compliant with the positioning of the industry, and more in line with the customer’s demand is the constant pursuit of each of the long-distance and electromechanical people.

pipe induction heating furnace

in that improve practice, the improved induction heating equipment in the practice adopt the PLC and the touch screen centralized control, has the data recording and storage function, can be copied with the U disk, the whole set of induction heating equipment production line is suitable for batch production of the metal work pieces with simple structure, the performance consistency is high, The quality is guaranteed. in combination with that specific situation of the domestic medium-frequency heating furnace, the material rack equipment, the conveying system, the feeding roller, the induction heating furnace body and the upper and lower material rack are improved and innovatively, In practice, the improved opinions and suggestions of the customer are accepted, and the performance, stability and service life of the lifting table are kept.

From the process, production, appearance, operation and other aspects of continuous improvement, effectively enhance the market competitiveness of induction heating equipment, to provide more in line with the market and customer needs of induction heating furnace! Choose intermediate frequency heating furnace, choose remote extension electromechanical, the manufacturer has so far produced more than 2000 sets of induction heating equipment production line, with rich production experience, welcome your calls, professional technical engineers according to your actual production situation and need to provide you with equipment selection and matching services.


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