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The function of intelligent system of induction heating equipment in China.

With the continuous development of science and technology, Yuantuo induction heating equipment manufacturers has been walking in the forefront of science and technology, the production of induction heating equipment, induction quenching equipment, quenching and tempering furnace for non-calibrated products, so what is the function of induction heating equipment using intelligent automatic control system, professional engineers analyze for you!

The function of intelligent system of induction heating equipment is as follows:

1. Chain control of induction heating equipment: chain control of related electrical appliances in each part of the system to meet the needs of the process.

2. Process flow control of induction heating equipment: the production process of the production line is optimized and recorded in the system by using the superior parameter setting and control function of the system. The operation speed and heating power are directly controlled by this parameter to realize the reliable matching between heating power and operation speed.

3. Production process management: the system makes full use of the advantages of computer and stores all kinds of parts quenching process in the computer, so that when the user changes the product, the adjustment time can be reduced and the production efficiency can be improved.

4, production monitoring: using color picture to dynamically display the relevant parameter curves of the system, such as line speed, voltage, current, set power, heating temperature and other parameters in heating.

5, induction heating equipment data management: record historical data, establish running database, file user processing procedures, process parameters and so on. The historical data can be converted into archival files, searched and displayed graphically at any time, and all kinds of real-time reports can also be made.

6, alarm monitoring shows: cooperate with power supply circuit, mechanical transmission circuit, circulating cooling water system and other parts to carry on the omni-directional monitoring, when any circuit internal abnormal or the operation condition changes carries on the prompt or the alarm, the user can carry on the related processing according to the alarm prompt to ensure that the equipment can run normally.

7. Networking function: the system can use other computers to monitor the operation of the whole system in different locations.

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