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The famous manufacturer of Hardening and tempering furnace–Forever

The famous manufacturer of Hardening and tempering furnace–Forever

The intermediate frequency hardening and tempering furnace can accurately control the quenching depth of workpiece by using accurate inductor, induction coil and controllable current voltage and frequency, which is generally used for surface quenching or through quenching and tempering. All mechanical transmission, novel design, beautiful structure, complete functions are suitable for application with our medium frequency power supply device.

The main features of the Hardening and tempering furnace are as follows:

(1) Cabinet type main structure, the cabinet is equipped with electric and waterway system, the front of the cabinet is equipped with indicator instrument and control button, and the height of the tank is suitable and easy to operate.

(2) Iron oxide quenching transformer, the water path is simple;

(3) Switch used for intermediate frequency compensation capacitance to adjust the capacitance;

(4)The long bar quenching furnace is equipped with an intermediate frequency contactor outside the machine to avoid the vibration of the main cabinet.

(5) IF hardening and tempering furnace is controlled by micro treatment.

Forever hardening and tempering furnace is widely used in forging heating: through heating for rod, round steel, square steel, steel plate, temperature, on-line heating of blue quenched material, local heating, on-line forging of metal materials (such as gear, semi shaft connecting rod, axle bearing, etc.), extrusion, hot rolling and shearing. Heating, spray heating, thermal assembly, and quenching and tempering, tempering and tempering of metal materials.

In combination with the market service experience of nearly 20 years, Forever will give training to the users from equipment selection, energy saving, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Forever has set up a fast, intimate, modern after-sales service system, which aims to provide users with saving money and energy saving after-sales service. We provide users with a full range of one to one on-site engineers, but also the high quality and good supply of the international and domestic brand components.

The core components of the medium frequency hardening and tempering furnace produced by Forever are selected by well-known brands at home and abroad, and a strict supplier admission mechanism is established. At the same time, a strict quality inspection system for external purchase is established. Each assembly has a circulation card to ensure that the quality of each set of components of the installed machine is controllable and traceable.



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