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The development of induction billet heater is very fast. The induction heating equipment has many advantages.

The development of induction billet heater is very fast. The induction heating equipment has many advantages.

1. Production flexibility

Medium frequency induction billet heater have greater flexibility in production arrangements and heat treatment operations have greater flexibility. For the frequency induction furnace, continuous operation is required because the interruption will increase the cold start. The cold start not only increases the melting time and energy consumption, but also has to use the start block every-time starting. When the medium frequency induction billet heater is used in a short period of time, it can start cold start without using the start block. It can realize the replacement of material in a short time, which is beneficial to the arrangement of production organization. This brings favorable conditions for single piece production.

2. Furnace body structure

With the continuous improvement of the power density of the induction billet heater, the requirements for the safe operation of the medium frequency furnace, the improvement of the life of the furnace lining and the noise reduction are becoming higher and higher. The rationality of the structure of the furnace body is becoming more and more important, and Forever induction billet heater has strong durability, high efficiency and productivity. It has many advantages such as high noise, easy maintenance and so on.

Medium frequency induction billet heater has features of stable, reliable, energy saving and environmental protection. It is a product that we should start with.

Induction billet heater is a new type of heating equipment. It has made great contributions to the steel machinery industry.It is a product with many advantages, so it is highly praised by everyone.

What are the advantages of it in the process of using it?

1.The installation and operation of bar induction heating furnace are very convenient.

2.24 hours uninterrupted heating capacity;

3.Energy saving: the power supply adopts IGBT imported power devices, and is more integrated and miniaturized, and the effective output power reaches over 90%.

4.The use of energy-efficient medium frequency induction heating power can save 60% energy, compared to the traditional thyristor medium frequency.

5. The temperature is uniform

6. The intermediate frequency heating furnace is compact, light and mobile.



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