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The concept of new heat treatment technology!

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology in China, the heat treatment process and induction heat treatment equipment of metal workpieces have been greatly improved. The purpose of heat treatment is to ensure that the parts meet the working requirements, have a high service life, save materials and energy, economic and environmental protection, etc., so the related equipment and technology should be analyzed and discussed around these aspects. !

The main results are as follows:

(1) the heating of non-oxidizing decarbonization heating technology parts can not be separated from Induction hardening machine   and heating medium, the heat transfer mode is conduction, convection and radiation, according to different equipment, heating conduction is different. at present, there are a wide range of heat treatment equipment, from fuel furnace, air furnace to salt bath furnace, controllable atmosphere furnace, flow particle furnace, current development to vacuum furnace, their heating has its own characteristics, heating medium has gas, The effects of air, salt bath, protective gas, rolling particles and vacuum gas on the surface of heated parts will have a certain impact on their surface state and service life. How to complete the heating of parts in non-oxidizing atmosphere equipment is the premise of selecting heat treatment process. From the present situation of heat treatment at home and abroad, vacuum heat treatment, laser heat treatment, controllable atmosphere heat treatment and flow particle heat treatment have great advantages. They basically solve the problem of oxidation decarbonization on the surface of parts. If salt bath can deoxidize in time, it will also have a certain effect. Fuel furnace and air furnace are difficult to meet the technical requirements, which should be paid attention to by technicians.

(2) the heat treatment technology to improve the mechanical properties of parts in addition to the conventional heat treatment of parts, chemical heat treatment and surface treatment have become an important process that has an important impact on the service life of parts, making the surface and interior form different microstructure states, so in a sense, the composite materials are obtained, which is endowed with unique mechanical properties and can replace the high cost high carbon steel. Stainless steel and other materials

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