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The automatic equipment is also the most powerful intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace.

Such as common steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace, sheet metal forging equipment, steel pipe heat treatment conditioning equipment and other heating peripheral automation equipment, basically every peripheral manufacturer can produce, and the price is affordable, therefore, the market share is very high, but in recent years, the heat treatment industry is more and more widely used, the production efficiency, product accuracy requirements continue to improve, high-end heating automation equipment has become a major demand in the field of heat treatment processing

IGBT induction heating furnace

So, what kind of high-end heat treatment automation production equipment is good in the market at present? Mainly depends on how many customers there are! The intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace collector, heating and feeding of Hengyuan science and technology production can realize a series of automatic feeding, unwinding, heating and feeding processes. Once it is introduced, it has won the high-end attention of the industry and its peers. It has not only been put into use one after another in Liaoning, Shenyang, Tianjin, Hebei and other places, but also exported to Taiwan and Vietnam. Singapore and other countries and regions, and has been the emergence of peer manufacturers scrambled to imitate the hot scene.

At present, a number of IGBT series intelligent intermediate frequency induction heating furnaces have been used in heat treatment production lines, which are widely used in all aspects of automobile, hardware, electrical appliances, motors and other manufacturing industries. The practical application shows that the heat treatment production line using intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace has been significantly improved in terms of heat treatment product accuracy, production efficiency, production cost, operation simplicity and so on. Is a reliable choice for heat treatment customers


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