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The application of billet induction heating furnace for continuous casing & rolling process

The application of billet induction heating furnace for continuous casing & rolling process


Domestic and foreign steel mills have adopted continuous casting technology. After the continuous casting billet leaving the continuous casting machine, the billet surface temperature reduced to about 800 ℃, while the central part of the temperature is about 1050 ℃, due to low temperature, it can not roll. The steel mills have to cut the continuous billet for stock or put into the holding furnace for heating.

For such continuous billet, its average temperature is about 925 ℃. If we can increase the surface temperature inline to heat from 925℃ to 1250℃, then it can directly charge into rolling mill for rolling. As the surface temperature of the continuous casting billet is low, the temperature of the central part is higher, and the induction heating is heating from the surface and conduct heat to the core.

So it’s a good way for energy saving to use billet induction heating furnace to increase the billet surface heat inline.

Billet induction heating furnace is made from Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory, which is mainly aimed at increasing billet temperature after discharging from continuous casting machine.

In 2016, our company chief engineer Li Tongzhu share the article of “The application of billet induction heating furnace for continuous casting & rolling process”in the “China Iron and Steel Industry Internet +”.

Billet induction heating system is is mainly composed of intermediate frequency power supply, induction heater, automatic feeding device, fast press device, infrared temperature measuring device and PLC center console. Through the matching of different induction heaters, the system can achieve the billet heating, heating temperature and radial, axial temperature to meet the technical requirements, and to achieve billet temperature holding and automatically record the temperature of each billet.

So how to choose the right billet induction heating furnace? Mainly from several aspects to consider:

1.Large power but low frequency induction heating furnace is suitable for large part induction heating. Small power but high frequency is suitable for small parts.

2.The parts that need to heat deep and large area should choose large power but low frequency induction heating furnace. If the heating depth is shallow, then it should choose small power but high frequency induction heating furnace.

3. If your quantity is big and need long time working, then you should choose larger power induction heating furnace.

In order to improve the stability of the IF power, our company designs special internal circulating water system, a substantial increase in the stability of the power supply, affordable, cost-effective. But you still need to take care of the water quality for long term equipment working.

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