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The advantages of Pipe induction quenching furnace !

The advantages of Pipe induction quenching furnace !

Forever provides customers with excellent solutions and quotations for Pipe induction quenching furnace free of charge. It has more than fifteen years of experience and practice in the design, process, manufacturing and management of the Pipe induction quenching furnace. The Pipe induction quenching furnace is controlled by the full touch screen. The induction heat treatment furnace has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, uniform heating and low power consumption.

The advantages of Pipe induction quenching furnace:

1. Pipe induction quenching furnace has high heating speed, the heating time will not exceed 8s/piece for normal heat treatment (such as quenching, annealing), basically solve the traditional heat treatment process.

2. Pipe induction quenching furnace can be freely controlled in the heating position. It will not produce excessive heat in the position without heating, and meet the basic requirements of the heat treatment of special work pieces (such as gear, sprocket tooth surface quenching and local treatment of rod material).

3. It can save 1/3 energy than that of the original electron tube. Pipe induction quenching furnace is easy to operate, and can be learned in a short time. There is no open fire, no high temperature and high pressure and high safety performance.

4.The equipment is small in size and occupies less space. It will not occupy too much production space. It can move the working position at any time to facilitate production needs.

Pipe induction quenching furnace service commitment:

Pre sale service: through telephone, network and other ways to give detailed and professional answers to customer consultation, provide professional technical knowledge, technical advice and business consulting services for customers, recommend optimal model and production line of induction heat treatment furnace for customers’ requirements;

Sale services: Forever will keep communication with customers at any time, after the completion of the equipment, customers can be invited to the site inspection and acceptance. We have professional induction heat treatment engineer to supervise and wait until the equipment is completed.

After sale service: send skilled technician to the customer site to install, debug, carry on the operation, maintenance and other technical training to the customer site operator.

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