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The advantages of induction billet heater are more conducive to energy saving and environmental protection.

The advantages of induction billet heater are more conducive to energy saving and environmental protection.

Forever is an enterprise integrating designing, production, sales and service. All kinds of automatic induction billet heater can be specially designed and manufactured according to the different requirements of manufacturers. In order to meet the rapid development of industry, at the same time, satisfy the customer to reduce the operating cost, improve the production efficiency, improve the quality and strengthen the demand of competition, all the staff of the company actively develop and specializes in providing high efficiency and energy saving automatic induction billet heater. In the field of induction heating and heat treatment experience theory, it has a lot of high technology and high technology talents.

The medium frequency induction billet heater is now widely used in various major industries. Today, the principle of induction heating of the billet induction heating furnace and the remarkable advantages of induction heating are will be described again.

The induction heating technology of the induction billet heater uses electromagnetic induction, skin effect, eddy current and resistance heat, which makes the surface of the workpiece heated rapidly, and the heat treatment process of rapid cooling is to put the workpiece in the inductor made of copper tube. When a certain frequency of alternating current passes through the inductor, the workpiece in the alternating magnetic field will produce induction current. Due to the resistance heat generated by the skin effect and the action of the high density alternating current on the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece is heated quickly, and the temperature of the process will be obtained in a short time.

The remarkable advantages of the induction billet heater are:

1.Compared with traditional heating methods (oil, coal and gas), it has obvious advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, easy operation and low labor intensity.

2.Compared with Thyristor Intermediate frequency, energy saving 10%~30%, there is no harmonic interference in power grid.

3.Compared with the resistance furnace, energy saving 30%~50%;

4. The heating workpiece has the advantages of fast heating, uniform heating, no oxidation layer and good product quality.

5. The inductor is installed in the furnace body and is very safe.

6. Electric induction heating is environmentally friendly without pollution, noise and dust.

7.Wide range of applications, it can heat all shapes of different parts;

8.The equipment occupies a small area, making it easy for customers to make full use of production space.

The automation degree of the induction heating furnace is high, and the automatic control system can be used by the automatic feed and discharge material.We set infrared thermometer to achieve temperature closed loop control.

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