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Temperature control for billet induction heating furnace

Temperature control for billet induction heating furnace

Forever is a real manufacturer specialized in researching, designing and producing billet induction heating furnace in China.

With strong technical power, advanced production equipment and high-tech engineers, Forever billet induction heating furnace has been exported to many countries. The areas that billet induction heating furnace is involved in: automotive manufacturing industry, high-speed rail railway industry, urban rail transit industry, steel manufacturing industry, wind power manufacturing industry, petrochemical industry, mining machinery industry, and many other production and maintenance areas.

For large size of billet, in order to shorten the heating time of the inner metal, increase the heating rate, we should choose lower current frequency for billet induction heating furnace to increase the current penetration depth. Otherwise, if the frequency selected is too high, penetration depth will be reduced, not only to extend the heat transfer time from the outer layer to the inner layer,but also increase the heat loss, thermal efficiency will reduce, or even cause surface overheating. For small diameter billet induction heating, due to the small cross-sectional size, you can use a higher frequency in order to improve the electrical efficiency.

Temperature control is critical for billet induction heating furnace

Over-temperature will cause the billet over-burning, affecting the quality of the workpiece, too low will make the device heavier load and reduce the service life of the workpiece. Of course, experienced workers can be issued according to different colors of metal heated to a certain temperature to determine. In order to more accurately measure the billet heating temperature, Forever installed an infrared thermometer on the output of billet induction heating furnace. When the temperature is higher or lower than the setting temperature, the power supply will control the temperature by adjusting the power.

Infrared thermometer is a non-contact measurement of radiation temperature technology, which is the use of thermal radiation objects to measure the temperature of the object. In practice, we should not only pay attention to different materials have different emissivities, and the emissivity of the same material and temperature with the wavelength, observation direction, the surface state and the temperature of the material itself.

Infrared thermometer temperature measurement is generally installed within 40 degrees from the metal normal direction. Because in this range of metal orientation emissivity is essentially the same, approximately equal to the normal direction of the emissivity.

Billet temperature should be precisely controlled.At the same time, Forever “temperature assurance system” (temperature closed-loop), when the temperature deviates from the set temperature, the system will automatically adjust the power parameters to ensure temperature control, the billet heating quality is also controlled.

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