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Technology of induction heating furnace for billet

At present, in the iron and steel industry, the domestic and foreign manufacturers have adopted the continuous casting technology of billet heating furnace. Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and electrical engineers explain the process of billet induction heating furnace. After the continuous caster is discharged, the surface temperature of continuous casting slab is reduced to about 800 ℃. But the central temperature is about 1050 degrees. Because of the low surface temperature of billet, it can not be rolled directly. The user will send the billet to the semi-finished product workshop for treatment or put it into the holding furnace. The average temperature of continuous casting slab is 925 ℃. If the surface temperature is increased, the temperature will be increased from 925 ° C to 1250 ° C. Then we can use a rolling mill to roll.billet induction heating machine

The surface temperature of continuous casting slab is low and the center temperature is high. Induction heating is a method of first conducting surface heat to the interior. Therefore, the best way to save energy is to use induction furnace to improve the surface heat of billet. This process has been realized in foreign steel plants by making full use of the residual heat of billet. From 925 to 1250 ℃, it needs 45kw-h / if the efficiency of induction heating is 70%, the power consumption is 65kW / h.

Main features of continuous billet heating furnace:

1. Induction heating equipment: billet induction heating furnace is divided into preheating section, heating section and soaking section. The ingot is charged by the end of the inductor and discharged from the heating section through three high temperature sections. The rollers between the induction heaters are made of 304 stainless steel and cooled by water.

2. Lining: long life design, strong and durable, large refractory cement.

3. Heating mode: induction heating technology, heat generated inside the billet. Without preheating time, users can start the whole billet induction heating system in a short time.

4. Equipped with 12 pulse power supply and special custom transformer, less harmonic pollution.


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