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Technical features of Forever induction heating equipment

Technical features of Forever induction heating equipment

The characteristics of Forever induction heating equipment control system: the medium frequency heat treatment equipment can dynamically display the system condition, have multi task, multi window and dynamic data exchange function. The novel and beautiful graphics support Chinese input and display, easy to operate. There are many pictures, and the pictures of all levels can be freely switched (including the main interface, the work status of the production line, the fault monitoring and protection of the production line, the setting of the heating mode and the process requirement parameters, the real-time and historical data record and the query function).

The anti-interference ability in the course of operation: the strong power and the weak circuit are strictly separated, the analog signals are transmitted by the current, the analog signals are shielded, so that the electromagnetic interference can be controlled. The coil of the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is fixed, so the induction heating equipment only needs to consider the heating temperature parameter in the heat treatment process. Heat treatment furnace itself is made up of a very large number of devices with unique technology. For example, the new IGBT device as the main circuit has many advantages, such as electricity saving, small size, very safe and so on. At the same time, the installation and use of its device are also very simple.

Now, let’s talk about the wide range of applications of heat treatment furnace.

Forging heating: it is used for the heating of rod, round steel, square steel, steel plate, on line heating, local heating, on-line forging of metal materials (such as precision forging of gear, semi shaft connecting rod, bearing, etc.), extrusion, hot rolling, heating, heat assembly, and the tempering and annealing of the whole metal material, quenching, tempering etc.

Heat treatment quenching and tempering production line: main shaft type (straight shaft, variable diameter shaft, camshaft, crankshaft, gear shaft, etc.); gear types; sleeve, ring, disk type; threaded rod; guide rail; plane; hardware tool and other mechanical (automobile, motorcycle) parts surface heat treatment.

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