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Technical characteristics of Intermediate Frequency Electric Furnace in Heat treatment equipment Factory

The characteristics of induction heating equipment control system:  induction medium frequency furnace can dynamically display the working conditions of the system, with multi-task, multi-window and dynamic data exchange functions, novel and beautiful graphics support Chinese input and display, easy to operate and concise. There are multiple pictures, all levels of pictures can be freely switched (including the main interface, production line working conditions, production line fault monitoring and protection, heating mode and process requirements parameter setting, real-time and historical data recording and query functions)

Below, let’s talk about the wide range of applications of induction diothermic furnace: forging heating: for bar, round steel, square steel, steel plate diathermy, reheating, blue quenching blanking on-line heating, local heating, on-line forging of metal materials (such as gears, Half shaft connecting rod, bearing and other precision forging), extrusion, hot rolling, pre-shear heating, spraying heating, hot assembly and metal material whole quenching and tempering, annealing, tempering, etc.

Heat treatment and tempering production line: mainly supply shaft (straight shaft, variable diameter shaft, camshaft, crankshaft, gear shaft, etc.); gear; sleeve, ring, disk type; machine tool screw; guideway; plane; ball head; Hardware tools and other mechanical (automobile, motorcycle) parts of the surface heat treatment and metal materials as a whole conditioning, annealing, tempering and so on.

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