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Technical advantages of induction heating equipment!

induction heating machine  is a kind of metal heat treatment equipment which is very popular in metal heat treatment industry. It can be used in metal integral heat treatment, local heat treatment, quenching, tempering, annealing and other processes. It is a real multi-purpose metal heat treatment equipment. Increasingly, it has become an important energy form in mechanical processing, metallurgy, national defense and other departments. The traditional manufacturing industry, such as ships, cars, aircraft and so on, is also constantly transforming the old equipment and applying more advanced induction heating equipment. Compared with the traditional heating process, induction heating technology is widely recognized as the following advantages:

First, high heating efficiency, energy saving, cost saving;

second, the product heating temperature is easy to control, the product dispersion is small, the quality is reliable;

third, the safety is high, avoid the safety accident to avoid the serious personal injury to the operator;

fourth, the heating is fast, can reach the heating temperature in a short time, reduce the metal oxidation degree;

five, the automatic control is easy to realize, realizes the intelligent operation with the help of the digital processing system;

Sixth, good operating environment, very little smoke, dust, noise, heat and so on; seventh, small operating space, saving site cost; eighth, heat treatment of complex workpieces.

Induction heating equipment is currently a hot product in the heat treatment industry, if you also want to buy such a high-quality metal heat treatment furnace, you can consult FOREVER electromechanical customer service hotline, there will be technical engineers 1 to 1 for you, manufacturers according to your metal workpiece material, shape, size and process requirements, production efficiency and other information.



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