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Teach you to quench the steel pipe evenly

With the rapid development of oil industry, the demand for high quality steel pipe is increasing, and the essential thing for high quality Pipe induction quenching furnace. Therefore, steel pipe quenching treatment is the most important!

Today, the editor will explain to you the quenching of thin steel pipe: for thin steel pipe with thin wall thickness. The steel pipe is heated to about 1000 ℃ by the steel pipe heating equipment and sent to the waiting area by the feed roller. The feeding device raises the steel pipe and turns it over to the slowly rotating support wheel of the rotating device, and the pressing device installed on the spray frame quickly compacts the steel pipe. The rotating device rotates the steel pipe quickly, and the outer shower pipe directly above the steel pipe sprays water evenly to the outer surface of the steel pipe. At the same time, the inner spray device installed at the end of the steel pipe sprays water into the inner wall of the steel pipe. In this way, the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe are uniformly quenched.

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Post time: 05-14-2019