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Teach you a few tricks to purchase good induction billet heater at the lowest cost!

Teach you a few tricks to purchase good induction billet heater at the lowest cost!

Firstly, select suppliers suitable for the development of your own companies

A good supplier of induction billet heater can develop together with you, make suggestions for your development, save the cost, and do not bring many unnecessary troubles.
Since its establishment in 2005,Forever devoted in researching and developing the energy saving induction billet heater used for heating cold billet or increasing the billet surface temperature before sending into the rolling mill. The company’s business has spread throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Secondly, Quality control

Cost saving is a problem that must be considered for every factory, but quality control should also be considered when purchasing induction billet heater. The following is an example of induction billet heater for rolling from Forever, which introduces the basic functions of the following equipment.

1. The induction billet heater adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. The furnace inlet will not crack, it will not coker, and will not generate waste gas and exhaust gas, thereby polluting the environment.

2. Equipped with import detection photoelectric, real-time display detection status. For all kinds of metal workpieces, temperature monitoring can be easily carried out.

3. Automatic feeding, the transmission system is controlled by the PLC control system to realize simple operation and automatic feeding. Equipped with high frequency drive motor, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

4.Temperature controller uses the original “OMRON” digital thermostat, built-in PID function, control temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate, which can be set at will. You do not need to worry about that the temperature inaccurate will damage the workpiece. The intermediate frequency induction heating furnace itself also has automatic protection function to effectively prevent the workpiece from overheating.

5. The whole induction billet heater system is truly connected with the unmanned operation of the production line.

Thirdly, Price control

The price of induction billet heater is one of the main factors for users to consider, but it is the most important to buy the most reasonable equipment. The price of the purchased equipment should be corresponding to the value, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise without reducing the cost of the product and improving the profit of the product.

For the price, you can consider and select from the main component brand, roller material and its functions. For example, if you need Germany Sew motors, it will be surely more expensive than domestic Guomao brand.

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