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Tailor-made Surface quenching equipment for Seamless Pipe

The working principle of the  stainless steel heating furnace for seamless pipe is an induction heating form with electromagnetic induction as the heating source. The surface quenching equipment for seamless pipe is mainly used for surface quenching technology of steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, pipe and other workpieces. Long life, good stability, high precision.

Seamless tube surface quenching equipment heat treatment of steel pipe at the same time, convenient production operation, saving manpower, the intelligent control system PLC is used to control the equipment. Seamless tube surface quenching heat treatment equipment is easy to operate. Seamless tube surface quenching equipment can be customized for customers according to the actual needs of customers, you only need to provide us with: pipe diameter, wall thickness, pipe length, production efficiency, easy operation, high efficiency.

Seamless tube surface quenching equipment is the product of the development of science and technology, strive to improve production capacity, reduce costs, improve product quality. Suitable for pipe quenching with pipe diameter greater than 20, maximum unlimited, stable supply and uniform quenching.


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