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Surface technology of intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment

intermediate frequency induction furnace  uses induction current to heat the workpiece locally. This heat treatment process is often used for surface quenching, local annealing or tempering, and sometimes for integral quenching and tempering.

IGBT induction heating furnace

With the development of industry, induction heating heat treatment technology continues to improve, the scope of application is also expanding. In order to obtain a constant lead time to ensure reliable converter, the inverter frequency must change with the load resonance frequency, and always slightly higher than the load resonance frequency, that is to say, the inverter trigger circuit can not adopt the constant frequency other excitation mode, but must adopt the self-excitation mode, that is, automatically track the load frequency. The inverter trigger synchronization signal is synthesized from the sampling signal of intermediate frequency output voltage and compensated capacitance current. The synthesized signal lags behind the compensated capacitance current and is ahead of the intermediate frequency output voltage, and the zero crossing time is the inverter trigger time. It can be seen that the trigger frequency of inverter is always slightly higher than that of load resonance.

The domestic and foreign governments encourage the development of environment-friendly process technology development projects. And meanwhile, the intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment adopts the induction heating technology to carry out quenching, tempering or normalizing on the steel pipe, the temperature rise speed is high, the efficiency is high, the production organization is flexible and convenient, and the time and the energy consumption required by the heating and cooling of the furnace when the gas is heated by the gas are avoided and saved. The heating area is composed of a set of 3000kW medium-frequency power supply and a set of 1200 kW medium-frequency power supply. The quenching induction heating area is composed of a set of heating induction coils, and the temperature of the workpiece is ensured to be uniform, and the heating temperature is 850-1000 DEG C. an inlet two-color colorimetric infrared thermometer is arranged at the outlet of the heating coil, the monitoring of the heating temperature of the oil pipe is carried out, the signal is fed back to the control system of the intermediate frequency power supply, the output power of the intermediate frequency power supply is automatically adjusted, the closed-loop control system is formed, so that the heating temperature of the steel pipe is adjusted so as to be controlled within the allowable error range


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