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Surface quenching effect of continuous quenching and tempering furnace for steel bar

Surface quenching effect of continuous quenching and tempering furnace for steel bar

Wuqiao Forever is a well-known manufacturer of medium frequency continuous quenching and tempering furnace for various materials of bars, pipes or plate, providing users with high quality automatic induction heating equipment. Forever has been engaged in induction heating and heat treatment industry for more than 10 years, and now has become a well-known domestic high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales. The company is located in Wuqiao Economic Development Zone, a well-known acrobatic base town in the world. The superiority of its geographical position promotes the development of the company.

The surface hardening mainly uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to cut the magnetic line in alternating magnetic field and produce inductive current on the surface. According to the skin effect of alternating current, the surface of the part is heated rapidly by eddy current and the part is heated rapidly by eddy current. Compared with traditional heat treatment, it has the following advantages:

1. Induction heating can be used not only for surface hardening of parts, but also for inner hole hardening of parts, which can not be achieved by traditional heat treatment.

2. In the process of heating, because the heating time is short, the surface of the parts is oxidized and decarbonized less. Compared with other heat treatments, the scrap rate of the parts is very low. The production process is clean without high temperature and good working conditions.

3. After induction hardening, the hardness of the parts surface is high, the plasticity and toughness of the parts core is good, and the notch sensitivity is low, so the impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance are greatly improved.

4. The mechanical parts quenched on the surface of the bar continuous quenching and tempering furnace have less brittleness and can improve the mechanical properties of the parts (such as yield point, tensile strength, fatigue strength). The hardness of the steel parts quenched by induction heating is also higher than that of the ordinary heating furnace.

5. Induction heating is directly heated by internal heat source with little heat loss, so the heating speed is fast and the thermal efficiency is high.

Induction diathermy furnace is compact with small footprint and simple operation.

6. Induction heating equipment can be placed on the processing line to achieve automatic production.

7. Using bar quenching and tempering furnace for quenching, ordinary carbon structural steel can be used to replace alloy structural steel to make parts without reducing the quality of parts, so it can replace complex chemical heat treatment under some conditions.

Since its buliding, Forever has adhered to its principle of “quality first, service first” to serve the majority of customers, and our Forever comapny is also constantly improving after-sales service.



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