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According to the specifications, production capacity and heating temperature of the customer’s work-piece, the remote extension machine helps you choose the appropriate induction heating machine. The small work-piece usually adopts the push induction heating furnace, while the large work-piece adopts the step induction heating furnace.

The working principle of the step-by-step large-scale bar heating equipment: Two pairs of water-cooled guide rails are arranged in the induction heater. And a pair of steel rails are fixed for bearing the weight of the steel billet during the heating process. The other pair of rails actively support the billet and move a steel column forward.

The induction heating furnace and temperature control device are composed of a new type of thyristor automatic intelligent induction heating power supply, furnace cabinet, capacitor, induction heating coil, clamping roller, wiring cable, remote control console, infrared thermometer and PLC control system. The temperature control system adopts infrared thermometer to control the temperature closed loop, and the PLC parameters can control the production capacity and heating temperature to match the rolling speed. Compared with gas furnace and coal furnace, induction furnace has the advantages of non-oxidation, uniform heating, rapid start and stop, small occupation area and so on, which can avoid the waste of bar caused by rolling mill failure.

The conveying mechanism of the steel bar heating electric furnace adopts a clamping roller device. The roll is made of a non-magnetic 304 stainless steel. And the upper and lower shafts are water-cooled by a rotary water-cooling joint, so that the deformation is reduced, and the strength of the work-piece is maintained. The furnace cabinet shall have sufficient strength and rigidity to facilitate the installation of the equipment. The bottom of the frame is provided with an adjustable anchor to facilitate the installation of the equipment. As a result, the appearance of the device will be better.


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