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Structural advantages of Induction heating equipment

Advanced induction heat treatment machine is compared with the traditional heat treatment, it refers to the function, structure, operation and other aspects of the more advantages of the equipment, what are the characteristics and advantages of this kind of equipment? In this paper, we will analyze this problem in detail:

the structure of the induction heating device has the advantages of

1, reasonable structure, reasonable structure design of the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, and very good processing in detail, so that the induction heating device is a well-made metal heating device, The components of the induction heating equipment adopt the international brands such as Siemens and Schneider.

2The quality is reliable, the performance is stable, the failure rate is low.

3. The configuration is high: it is well known that the quality of equipment with high configuration is more guaranteed, and it can create higher profit for users. The overall acceptance of the user is very high.

4. Energy-saving and environment-friendly: the energy-saving and environment-friendly is advocated at the present stage, only such equipment will not cause harm to the environment, and the production cost can be reduced to a certain extent.

The performance characteristics of induction heating equipment are as follows:

1, the production capacity is large: the load rate of intermediate frequency heating furnace is as high as 99%, which can realize continuous 24 hours uninterrupted operation, which can meet the high output requirements of users.

2, the production is flexible: different from the traditional metal heat treatment furnace, induction heating equipment can carry on the whole heat treatment or the local heat treatment to the metal workpiece, the manufacturer can choose according to the need.

3,High safety factor: equipment configuration perfect system protection function, with overvoltage, over-current, water shortage, phase shortage and other automatic alarm functions, timely remind workers to stop and repair, ensure production safety.

4, long service life: the fuselage of induction heating equipment is welded with high quality steel, after heat treatment to improve its rigidity, hardness, wear resistance and service life

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