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Steel tube induction reheating furnace suppliers

Since its establishment for many years, Hebei FOREVER mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. has become a professional manufacturer of induction heating complete set of equipment with integrated functions such as centralized frequency Induction heating equipment , production and sales of induction heat treatment equipment, scientific research and development, technical services, etc.

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FOREVER’s main products include medium frequency heating furnace, medium frequency electric furnace, medium frequency heat treatment furnace, quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, forging and diathermy equipment, series resonance medium frequency furnace, induction heating equipment, induction heating and tempering equipment, induction heating heat treatment furnace, induction heating heat treatment equipment, billet induction heating furnace, continuous casting billet online heating medium frequency furnace, ball rolling equipment, etc. The induction heating equipment designed by us has absorbed the advanced technologies of AEG company in Germany and Rayne company in Britain, and has manufactured high-quality induction heating equipment of medium and high frequency with reference to the world’s leading induction heating technology represented by American inductat, Japanese MES, French ECM and other companies. FOREVER has formed a business mechanism integrating production, learning, research, marketing and service. Its products are sold all over the country and are willing to cooperate with the same industry and users all over the country. Warmly welcome colleagues from all walks of life to visit and discuss.

Hebei FOREVER mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment, induction heat treatment equipment and quenching and tempering heat treatment production line. There are many manufacturers of steel tube secondary heating furnace in the market, such as Huaxin in Shandong Province, Haishan electric furnace in Shaanxi Province, etc. here, FOREVER mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. recommends the stronger induction heating equipment manufacturer for you, Hebei FOREVER mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd With large production capacity and strong engineering scale, we can customize the induction heat treatment production line according to the actual needs of users.


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