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Steel production reform is inevitable, billet induction heating equipment is the key!

Steel production reform is inevitable, billet induction heating equipment is the key!

With the induction heating furnace widely used in the field of metal heating, it has become a key factor affecting the rapid development of the automotive industry, mining machinery, petroleum engineering, engineering machinery, aerospace, railway industry these industries. With the current domestic and foreign industrial development needs, high-precision automation, integrated billet induction heating equipment came into being.

Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory is an enterprise that produces automatic high-performance continuous billet induction heating equipment. In 2013, Forever completed the production line of the first continuous billet induction heating equipment for billet continuous casting and rolling in China with 7500KW induction heating power.This equipment has been running well for 4 years in Taiwan user’s factory.

Forever billet induction heating equipment can make the billet get uniform hating from the head to the tail, from the surface to the core. High quality of work, energy saving, easy to operate, cost-effective. Just tell us your billet size,heating temperature technical requirement and the heating method you are currently using. We will make reasonable suggestions for your process improvement and choose the suitable model for your work.
At present, with the rapid development of metal heating industry, billet induction heating equipment export and market share continues to expand. With its rich experience in production R & D, Forever will win the top position in market opportunities and continued to increase its research and development efforts to further promote the metal heating industry. Professional “wisdom” made of continuous billet induction heating equipment, to maximize efficiency to meet the needs of production users, making billet heating becomes more easier!

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