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Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production (supply) and sales of steel plate induction quenching furnace. FOREVER Electromechanical has a good market reputation, a professional sales and technical service team, with many years of experience in operating steel plate quenching furnaces, and is familiar with users’ concerns. FOREVER Electromechanical steel plate induction quenching equipment thinks of users and solves users’ difficulties. Welcome to call Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical.

Quenching treatment: the quenched steel bar shall undergo 1.5% – 3% tensile permanent plastic deformation in the longitudinal direction on the tensile machine within the specified time at room temperature to eliminate the residual stress in the quenched plate; For plates with large quenching deformation, roll straightening shall be carried out in advance to improve the flatness of the drawing plate; The stretched sheet can be subject to aging strengthening treatment.


Configuration of FOREVER electromechanical steel plate quenching furnace:

1. Feeding mechanism

2. Conveying roller table

3. Induction heating system

4. Cooling system

5. Discharge mechanism

6. The main control console of PLC (including variable frequency speed regulation and temperature control, Huayan industrial control computer, remote start, etc.) is used to operate the entire quenching and tempering equipment directly on the central console. Only one person can operate the plate surface quenching equipment, saving labor and cost.

7. Quenching medium frequency power supply range: KGPS/IGBT 160-1300KW

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