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Steel pipe induction heat treatment furnace– high efficiency with attractive price

Steel pipe induction heat treatment furnace– high efficiency with attractive price

Pipe heat treatment furnace is used in seamless pipe, oil tubing, weld pipe and stainless pipe heat treatment such as quenching ,tempering or annealing. The price of traditional equipment that we used before is not lower than pipe heat treatment furnace.

However, pipe heat treatment furnace is a truly efficient device, which is more suitable for large lot of pipe heat treatment process.Actually, except the equipment, we think the heat treatment process is more important, including heating temperature, current, running speed, voltage, cooling water pressure, cooling water flow and so on. Every parameter may effect the heat treatment effect.

1.High efficiency pipe heat treatment furnace

The steel pipe heat treatment furnace is an energy saving and high efficiency induction heat treating furnace, and is more suitable for large-scale batch production factories to purchase and use. The pipe heat treatment furnace is a non – standard customized product from Forever. The electromagnetic induction principle is used to heat the steel pipe directly in the form of non – contact, and the temperature of heat treatment is achieved through the internal heating of the workpiece itself. Because of the special heating method of furnace, the production is energy-saving and efficient, the production operation is simple, the equipment is compact and the space is small.

2.Pipe heat treatment furnace with excellent price

The “favor” of the pipe heat treatment furnace is not only limited to high efficiency, but also the price preference of induction heating equipment, because the furnace has mature technology and production process, so it can guarantee the structure and performance of the equipment more superior.

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