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Steel pipe hardening tempering line(114 pipe hardening tempering line)

Steel pipe hardening tempering line(114 pipe hardening tempering line)

Hardening and tempering line is widely used in mining machinery (single pillar, suspension pillar, metal long beam, U-shaped steel frame, π-beam, etc.), 114 pipe (thick-walled steel pipe, stainless steel pipe), piston casing quenching and other industries. This hardening and tempering line help users greatly improve the production efficiency, the original energy consumption reduced by 20% or more.

Thick-walled steel pipe and cylinder automatic hardening and tempering line provide reliable production condition for single pillar, suspended pillar mass production, instead of the original pit furnace heating.

The hardening and tempering line is for steel pipe hardening tempering heat treatment with the following advantages:

▲ The whole hardening and tempering line is automatic production line, mechanical automatic feeding, inductor heating, spray quenching heat straightening, induction tempering, automatic discharge. Only 1-2 employees can operate.

▲ Equipped with automatic center control system, which can achieve automatic power movements, temperature automatic adjustment, automatic fault alarm and reset.

▲ Equipped with a full set of intelligent control system: Using computer control to establish database, preheating, warm-up, holding will be set as per user’s specific part size. Availalbe to save the process parameters as a product process, easy to recall the process parameters for future use.

project cases

Single hydraulic prop hardening and tempering (114 pipe hardening and tempering line)

As the main components of mining coal mining machinery and supporting equipment, Single hydraulic prop quality has strict requirements, including the materials and production processes, the original heat treatment process is using resistance furnace heating hardening and tempering, and now the customers gradually use intermediate frequency hardening and tempering line instead of the original heating heat treatment process and achieved the desired results.

After hardening and tempering, the hardness can be HB260-290, straightness ≤ 0.66mm, which can meet the mechanical requirements of the workpiece.

Item Size Heating Temp.(℃) Part weight(KG) Power  Power consumption per part(kw/h) Material Induction heater
1 ø114*10*1040 960 26.7 250 6.7 27SiMn GTR 114
600 160 4.3
2 ø95*10*1040 960 21.8 200 5.3 GTR95
600 120 3.2

Main component for 114 pipe hardening and tempering line

Item Equipment name Quantity Unit
Intermediate frequency heating section
1. Hardening heating module  Thyristor IF frequency converter 1 Set
Capacitor cabinet 1 Set
Induction coil for hardening 1 set
2 Tempering heating module Thyristor IF frequency converter 1 Set
Capacitor cabinet 1 Set
Induction coil for tempering 1 Set
Mechanical system and related parts
3. Mechanical module Mechanical loading & discharging 1 Set
Storage platform 1 Set
Mechanical transmission device 1 Set
Spraying cooling system(Stainless less material) 1 Set
Infrared thermometer 2 Sets
Remote console 1 Set

Forever is specialized in manufacturing IF hardening and tempering line- IF quenching production line – IF induction heat treating furnace – Medium frequency induction heating power – pipe hardening and tempering line – rod quenching line – pin hardening and tempering – Long Bar heat treatment machine - Seamless tube hardening and tempering – billet induction heating furnace – billet induction heater.We provide you with professional induction heating technical proposal.

Based on the advantages of intermediate frequency heating, combined with traditional technology, Forever has provided many intermediate frequency hardening and tempering lines, which are widely used in mining machinery (Single hydraulic prop, suspension support, metal long beam, U-shaped steel frame, Etc.), oil machinery (oil drill pipe, drill collar, sucker rod, etc.), oil drill pipe quenching and tempering production line \ steel pipe (thick-walled steel pipe, stainless steel pipe), strand lead, steel wire, steel bar and other products. Forever lines help users improve the production efficiency greatly, save 20% energy and more competitive than others.

Petroleum machinery hardening and tempering line: petroleum machinery product requirements are relatively high, such as drill collar, drill pipe, sucker rod, according to its characteristics, Forever add the module design elements, so that the part will slow heating gradually in the heating process but the total efficiency is the same The case of slow warming can ensure the good transformation of product organization, so that product quality is more stable.

Mine machinery hardening and tempering line: With the increase in demand for pipe products, how to improve production at the same time to ensure product quality is the key to win market competition. Forever design automatic & customized induction heat treating equipment for seamless pipe, stainless pipe, welded pipe.


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