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Steel pipe electric induction heating equipment

The development of  steel pipe medium frequency heating equipment is more and more extensive, the main advantages are flexible movement, small occupation space, saving the cost of capital construction for users. The whole set of steel tube electric heat treatment equipment is composed of medium frequency power supply, full-automatic feeding, blanking mechanism, stainless steel roller conveying system, induction heating system, cooling system, control system, etc. The PLC system is used to control the production, the whole set of equipment has high automation, mechanization and intelligent production capacity, and therefore it is popular in the market.

induction heating machine

The electric heat treatment equipment of steel pipe is a kind of induction heating equipment, which uses the concept of electromagnetic induction principle to heat treat the metal steel pipe. It aims to stand on the side of customers and improve users’ production efficiency, processing quality, production environmental protection and other operations.

The advantages of steel tube electric heat treatment equipment 1. The whole set of equipment is equipped with high-quality components, with high efficiency. The structure design is light and reasonable, the heating performance is superior, and the product quality is reliable and stable, which can meet the personalized production requirements of users.

2. The electric heat treatment equipment of steel pipe adopts the mechanical and electrical integration structure design, the overall structure is compact and reasonable, the floor area is small, which is conducive to the reasonable planning of the site space use by the user, and reduces the user’s infrastructure cost.

3. Feature combination unit configuration can not only operate single unit independently, but also flexibly configure joint operation to meet the production requirements of the user’s continuous production line and reduce costs.

4. The precise closed-loop temperature control system and infrared thermometer are used to monitor the heating temperature of the steel tube in real time, which can automatically adjust the power of the power supply, ensure that the heating temperature of the workpiece reaches the target temperature, and achieve high-quality production and processing.

5. The electric heating treatment equipment of steel pipe uses electricity to heat, and will not produce waste gas, smoke, dust and other substances that pollute the environment in the process of processing, so as to realize green environmental protection production.



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