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Steel metal heating furnace

The Metal heat treatment furnace  which is very common in the life and in the middle of the industry, and the induction heating equipment is now adopted as a steel heating furnace for heat treatment processing on the market, which is a device for producing and processing by adopting an electromagnetic principle, and the electric energy is an environment-friendly energy source, No pollution is generated in the production process, and the mechanical property and the using value of the metal steel material can be effectively improved. The invention has the advantages of wide application, and is mainly used in the industrial sectors such as mine machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, railway transportation and the like.

Steel heating furnace structure composition this induction heating equipment is a kind of high quality mechanical equipment designed by mechatronics structure. Steel heating furnace is mainly composed of intermediate frequency power supply, automatic feeding, blanking mechanism, stainless steel roller conveying system, induction heating system and control system. The overall structure design is compact, the occupation area is small, and it is convenient for users to plan the use of the site reasonably.

The performance characteristics of induction heating equipment

1, the whole set of equipment can be customized according to the user’s workpiece and process requirements, can be equipped with different specifications of furnace heating according to the size of the user’s workpiece, the furnace body adopts fast-changing structure design, the replacement is simple and fast.

2, the steel heating furnace adopts closed-loop temperature control system, the system automatically adjusts the power of the power supply, and ensures that the steel heating temperature is always within the target heating temperature range. The processing quality is guaranteed.

3, the steel heating furnace adopts PLC touch screen to control the production centrally, and the whole equipment really realizes the “one-button” production and processing, which has high automation, mechanized production capacity and reduces the manual demand of users.


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