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Steel billet reheating furnace with induction heating

Steel billet reheating furnace with induction heating


Induction heating has a wide variety application in our working, especially in the steel billet reheating furnace working.Here we would like to make an introduction of Forever steel billet reheating furnace.

Steel billet heat treatment equipment

Advantages of Forever steel billet reheating furnace

1.Safe and perfect protection:overheat protection, power protection, power protection, exposed the lack of protection .

2.The components are from international and domestic famous brand and the main accessories is supplied by fixed manufacturers.

3.Strict quality inspection process;Our concept is “to survive with quality,to develop with reputation”;strengthen the process inspection;ensure the quality of the products.

4.Elaborate design, parts standardization production, strict debugging.

As steel billet reheating furnace cost is high, the selection of the equipment is very important.The user should choose the largest and most powerful corporations. 

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Post time: 04-17-2016