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Steel billet induction heating electric furnace

As a well-known enterprise for domestic Induction heat treatment furnace , it has become one of the suppliers of the domestic industry and the preferred billet induction heating electric furnace in the past fourteen years, and the development and manufacture of the electric furnace for induction heating of the steel billet has been made, and each step is as thin as the ice.

billet induction heating machine

The focus and concentration of Yuantuo electromechanical on billet induction heating furnace products, in-depth study of various types of products, continuous testing of the working environment and working effect, independent research and development, breakthrough of a variety of technical problems, and continuous optimization of product performance. Brand effect and word of mouth have been more and more recognized by users and the industry, and the attention of peers to Yuantian Electromechanical is also increasing. Enterprises grow in competition, without competitors, there is no development and progress. The responsible person introduced that the heating speed of billet induction heating furnace is fast, and the design of electromagnetic induction heating power supply improves the stability of the equipment by 15%. The imported high power output module is used in the power supply, which not only improves the efficiency of use, but also reduces the power consumption. Many advantages make the products popular in the market and have a large local market share in Vietnam.

yuantuo electromechanical has entered the Vietnam market for many years. High-quality products, perfect after-sales service and complete spare parts supply center let the customer feel comfortable and save the heart. The company will continue to provide high-quality products and services for users to help local developmentcompany


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