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Steel bar surface heating furnace

FOREVER Electromechanical specializes in the production of steel bar surface heating furnace, which can provide customers with systematic process development, complete engineering design, steel bar surface heating furnace manufacturing, debugging and maintenance, after-sales service, etc. The steel bar surface heating furnace is free of deformation and has strong toughness after treatment. The whole production line is fully automatic and intelligent. Welcome new and old customers to visit the factory to negotiate business!

The steel bar surface heating furnace is a non-standard product. The technician designs it according to the steel bar parameters provided by the user. As long as the user provides the length of the workpiece, the heating temperature and the effect that the workpiece needs to achieve, our technicians will design a perfect technical scheme for the steel bar surface heating furnace for you.


Scope of application of steel bar surface heating furnace:

Bar length: 1000mm-8000mm

Bar diameter: 16mm-150mm

Steel bar surface heating furnace is controlled by SCR intelligent series resonant medium frequency power supply, with full digital tuning and high efficiency

Characteristics of steel bar surface heating furnace:

1. After the steel bar surface heating furnace is treated, the electric energy consumption is small and the workpiece deformation is small.

2) The heating speed is fast, and the workpiece can reach the required temperature in a short time, even within 1 second. Thus, the surface oxidation and decarburization of the workpiece are relatively light, and most workpieces do not need gas protection.

3) The surface hard layer can be adjusted by adjusting the working frequency and power as required. Therefore, the martensite structure of the hard layer is fine, and the hardness, strength and toughness are relatively high.

4) After induction heating, there is a thicker ductile area under the surface hard layer of the workpiece, which has a better compression internal stress, so that the fatigue resistance and fracture resistance of the workpiece are higher.

5) The steel bar surface heating furnace has PLC automatic control program with human-machine interface, which is simple to operate and saves labor and cost.

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