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Steel bar induction heating equipment

Which steel  Induction heating equipment is good? When it comes to this problem, we suggest that you investigate more in the market. As the saying goes, it’s more important to compare three products. There are many manufacturers of prestressed steel induction heating equipment in the market. You can search the top several prestressed steel induction heating equipment by Baidu to see if they are suitable for your own equipment by phone. Do you want to check with them Backup phase matching. Here you don’t put it in Hebei FOREVER electromechanical Co., Ltd. Many years of induction heating equipment manufacturers, rich experience, many cases.

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Advantages of steel bar induction heating equipment:

1. The technology is constantly reformed, adopting the air-cooled IGBT induction heating power supply control, which has low power consumption and strong adaptive ability.

2. Heating temperature is uniform, temperature control accuracy is high, temperature difference is small and pollution-free: remote series variable-frequency power supply is easy to directly and accurately detect load current change, so as to realize closed-loop control of output power, even if external voltage fluctuates, it can maintain constant output power and temperature stability.

3. High degree of mechanization and automation: it has the advantages of high degree of intelligent power supply, accurate temperature adjustment, automatic tracking of frequency conversion, adaptive load change, automatic power regulation, etc; One key operation means that the preset parameters such as current, voltage and speed are input into the intelligent control system before production. After one key start, the heating work is completed automatically without personnel on duty, and the automatic intelligent induction heating is truly realized.

4. The medium frequency induction heating furnace adapts to the flexible production of continuous automatic production line: the steel products of different specifications and varieties are frequently changed to adapt to different production processes. After frequency conversion and load change, no personnel adjustment is required. The whole line is emptied and the process adjustment is simple and fast to meet the needs of medium and large batch production.

5. Closed loop temperature control system of steel bar hot rolling heating furnace: infrared thermometer measures the heating temperature of the billet at the outlet of induction heating furnace, and monitors whether there is overheating or incomplete heating.

For many years, FOREVER mechanical and electrical company has been deeply engaged in the induction heating equipment and machinery industry. Many years ago, it saw the trend of prestressed steel bar induction heating equipment and began to put it into research and development. Now, it has produced many kinds of induction heating equipment with complete specifications, advanced performance, reliable technology and excellent workmanship. Since it was put into the market, its sales volume has been very good. After a large number of user verification, the effect is good and it can be used Good feedback from the customer.



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