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Steel bar induction heating equipment

At present,induction heating machine is mainly used as production equipment in the market of steel bar rolling heating equipment. It uses electromagnetic principle to heat up, which has the characteristics of fast heating speed, high heating efficiency, excellent processing quality and so on. It is popular in the market at present. Therefore, there are also a lot of manufacturers of medium frequency furnace heating steel bar equipment in the market, so what about that brand of steel bar rolling induction heating furnace manufacturer?

Which brand of steel rolling and heating equipment is better known as a brand manufacturer, must be a large manufacturer with a certain production strength, the entire domestic market of medium frequency furnace heating steel bar equipment manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Xi’an, Shandong, Henan, Hebei and other places, Hebei in the majority of domestic manufacturers, the local market competition is very fierce, it is not easy to gain a foothold in the Hebei market.

In fact, it is difficult to distinguish whether the hot-rolled steel bar equipment is good or not, and can not rely solely on the brand, but should focus on the quality of the equipment and the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer. Due to the special working property, the steel bar rolling and heating equipment inevitably consumes a large number of wearing parts during the working process, needs to be repaired and replaced in time, and if the operation is improper or the overhaul is not in place, the fault shutdown can occur, and the whole production line can be stopped once the equipment is stopped, It will cause great economic loss, so we need to perfect after-sales service for you to solve the problem

In that proces of heating the steel bar equipment of the whole set of intermediate frequency furnace, each production link is strictly controlled by the professional responsible person, from the material selection, the production to the delivery, ensure that each link is normally carried out, and the production workshop of the whole set can be inspected by the factory at any time, and the production process of the equipment at the close range can be observed at any time, the quality of the induction heating furnace for the rolling of the steel bar is known as the bottom; service

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