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Steel bar induction heating equipment

The invention relates to an Induction heat treatment furnace , which has been repeatedly seen in the market at present. In “Because of the need, that’s why.”, the current market induction heating device is a metal heat treatment furnace equipment mainly selected by the heat treatment plant, and the production process of the medium-frequency heating equipment does not generate waste gas waste and the like, and the environment-friendly production is realized, And is accepted by a large number of heat treatment plants.

Should heat equipment, a bright investment prospect of metal heat treatment equipment, in the current industry advantages of the era, a large number of visionary people choose to buy intermediate frequency heating equipment, different types, different output, price changes, Hebei FOREVER electromechanical is a senior induction heating equipment manufacturer in the industry, the price ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions, the price of steel bar heat treatment equipment is reasonable?

Tailor-made equipment scheme, reasonable price to obtain the user affirmation market competition is fierce, induction heating equipment according to the auxiliary equipment equipped, the price is different, of course, while considering the price, customers should pay more attention to the production quality of the manufacturer, as well as a series of after-sale services, Yuantuo electromechanical belongs to Hebei Province, the production raw materials are good, the price is cheap, and the large enterprises cooperate in many ways. Equipment is exported to many countries and regions at home and abroad, induction heating equipment site all over the country, the basis chosen by customers is “reasonable price.”

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