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steel bar induction forging equipment

Hebei Forever Electromechanical can not only produce high-quality Bar heating furnace for forging for you, but also provide users with efficient long bar forging equipment for free. The bar forging equipment is fully automated and intelligent, with high production efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. Welcome new and old customers to visit and inspect the induction heating equipment of Forever Electromechanical!

Advantages of Steel bar induction forging equipment :

Power control, infrared thermometer control, non-contact heating, making the workpiece more evenly heated.

The closed-loop temperature control of the bar forging equipment will adjust the heating temperature to change the power.

All water cooling devices use 304 stainless steel pipes to avoid rust and scale, greatly improving cooling efficiency and long service life.

Using a PLC control system human-machine interface and a full touch screen to control the production of the entire forging bar heating furnace.

High temperature control accuracy and automatic intelligent control

The pipes processed by bar forging equipment have small deformation, high toughness, and tensile strength, which can meet customer satisfaction requirements.

Adopting medium frequency induction heating power supply control, more efficient.

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