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Steel bar heating furnce send to abroad

On October 1, 2021, forklifts shuttled back and forth in FOREVER electromechanical plant. It was a busy scene. After repeated detection by technicians, a set of steel rod heating equipment was loaded and sent to the port as scheduled!

, it was produced by all employees of FOREVER Electromechanical after nearly one month’s overtime. Foreign customers immediately receive the goods. Here, Forever electromechanical thanks customers for their support and trust!

The equipment delivered this time include: medium frequency power supply, PLC control cabinet, induction heater, feeding rack, receiving system, etc. the picture shows the assembly and delivery photos taken on site.

Every day, cars come and go to FOREVER Electromechanical . Batches of steel pipe heat treatment furnaces,   bar induction heating furnace and automobile stabilizer rod quenching and tempering production lines with atmospheric appearance and reliable quality are transported to all parts of the world by an endless stream of vehicles

This year, FOREVER electromechanical  has received a substantial increase in orders for automation equipment. At the same time, customers continue to visit, the order volume is still maintaining a high growth, and the three main indicators of sales, production and delivery have achieved good results



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Post time: 11-01-2021