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Steel Bar heating equipment

induction heating furnace energy conservation and environmental protection, advanced technology, production efficiency, more than 20 years, the extension of medium frequency induction heating furnace to the credibility of the development, the world’s users trust!

hardening and tempering machine

Characteristics of medium-frequency induction heating equipment for bar stock:

the invention is mainly applied to a round steel bar, an iron rod, an aluminum bar, a solid square material or a plate heat-transmitting device; the installation, the debugging and the operation of the bar stock heating equipment are very convenient,

The invention utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, The bar stock is heated to a required temperature in a very short time, so that the metal oxidation is greatly reduced, and the forging quality of the bar stock is improved.

The bar stock heating equipment can carry out heating treatment on the bar stock with the diameter of 10-180mm, the uniformity is good, the medium-frequency induction heating equipment of the bar stock is used, and the forging and heat-transmitting equipment can work continuously for 24 hours. automatic feeding, electricity saving, environmental protection, cost reduction and human expenditure;

The furnace body can be conveniently replaced to meet the different requirements of the integral heating or the end heating of the bar stock.

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