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The electric heating equipment for steel bars uses the electromagnetic induction heating principle to heat round steel and steel bars. The non-standard induction heating equipment is designed and manufactured according to the process requirements for round steel heating, such as steel bar specifications, heating temperature, production efficiency and other requirements. With PLC control system, temperature measurement system and mechanical conveying system, the automation and intelligence of steel bar electric heating equipment can be completed. Next, we will introduce the steel bar electric heating equipment.

Parameters of steel bar electric heating equipment:

1. Diameter of heated steel bar: Φ 20~ Φ 150mm, unlimited length of round steel

2. Material of heating steel bar: Q235, Q345, Q460A, 16Mn, 25MnB, 30MnB, 60Mn and 80 # high carbon steel

3. Heating temperature: 1250 ℃

4. Production efficiency: customized according to demand

The electric heating equipment for steel bars has the following advantages:

1. Fast temperature rise, high efficiency, less oxidative decarburization of workpiece.

2. The equipment has uniform heating temperature, high temperature control accuracy, small temperature difference and no pollution

3. High degree of mechanization and automation of equipment: it has the advantages of high degree of power intelligence, accurate temperature adjustment, automatic tracking of frequency conversion, adaptive load change, automatic power regulation and other intelligent advantages.

4. After the “one key” start, the heating will be completed automatically without personnel on duty, and the automatic intelligent induction heating will be truly realized.

5. The feeding system of steel bar heating equipment is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and has a long service life.

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