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Steel bar continuous quenching and tempering furnace heard that there was a gun battle in Bangkok street?

Steel bar continuous quenching and tempering furnace heard that there was a gun battle in Bangkok street?

Just now we saw the news of a gunfight in the streets of Bangkok, killing two people and injuring 5 people. Seeing this kind of information, I can not calm for a long time. At the same time, I am glad that I live in a strong and safe country. Only peace and health can have infinite possibilities. Just like steel bar induction continuous quenching and tempering furnace, only super-high quality can meet all the challenges and face unlimited possibilities in the future.

Induction heat treatment furnace for steel bar is a kind of equipment for heat treatment of metal workpiece. In the field of heat treatment, steel bar continuous quenching and tempering furnace has become a common heat treatment equipment in the field of modern heat treatment. The slow rhythm is no longer suitable for the modern life rhythm. Therefore, Forever continuous quenching and tempering furnace came into being to meet users’ high requirement for the precision and environment.

It is a kind of energy-saving, environmental protection, high-efficiency induction heat treatment furnace. All the physical performance can achieve the requirement for the steel bars after quenching and tempering. It is the ideal heat treatment equipment for modern heat treatment enterprises.

The news of the gun battle in Bangkok has made us more prepared for the problems we may face in the future. Forever long bar heat treatment machine has help more than 1000 heat treatment plant user to finish various sizes and material bar material quenching and tempering. This month, we has already received fine orders about long bar heat treatment machines. Very thanks for the users’ trust on us all the time. We will continue to work hard to provide the best quality machines to our users. 


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Post time: 10-09-2018