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steel ball hot rolled heating furnace manufacturer

The steel ball rolling production line is a new type of modern intelligent automation equipment. Compared with the forged steel ball, the hot rolling steel ball has high production efficiency, high degree of automation, and reduces the links of manual operation. It has the characteristics of high overall hardness, compact organization, no loss of roundness, no breakage, no deformation and high cost performance.

1. Induction heating furnace for hot rolling of steel balls; 20-150mm

2. Application fields: various metal mines (gold, copper, iron, molybdenum, aluminum oxide), cement plants, power plants, steel slag plants and other grinding industries.

3. Process flow:

Raw material inspection; Enter induction heating equipment for heating; Spin and cut into balls; Quenching treatment; tempering; testing; packing

4. Advantages and characteristics of  hot rolled steel ball production line :

Low crushing rate and strong crushing resistance

High impact toughness

The overall hardness is high, and the steel ball is not deformed.


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