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Stainless steel online annealing furnace

The stainless steel on-line annealing furnace is used to heat metal workpieces such as stainless steel. Nowadays, there are many induction heating equipment manufacturers in the market, with a wide range of equipment types and complete models. When you purchase the required equipment, you can’t choose blindly. You must consider various factors according to your actual needs, so as to buy a high cost-effective and high-quality intermediate frequency induction heating equipment 。 How to choose stainless steel online annealing furnace?


Tips on selection of stainless steel online  annealing furnace:

The premise of choosing stainless steel online annealing furnace with high cost performance is to choose the manufacturer of induction heating equipment. Here are some tips for choosing a good induction heating equipment.

1. Baidu can search, choose more than three top manufacturers of induction heating equipment, and know the products in the manufacturer’s station, whether they meet your actual needs;

2. From the manufacturer’s induction heating equipment model, specification, output, quality, performance and other aspects, we have a preliminary understanding to see whether it can meet the user’s needs, and select three products that are more in line with the performance of your products, which are more professional;

3. You can inquire by phone whether the equipment meets your requirements, whether the technical level of the technical personnel is professional, and whether it meets your requirements. Next, you can go to the manufacturer’s field trip, get a close understanding of the manufacturer’s strength, production technology, field situation of induction heating equipment, production site, etc., in order to buy a satisfactory stainless steel online annealing furnace.

4. If you are interested in signing a contract, you must ask about the delivery date and the guarantee of the intermediate frequency annealing furnace in the later stage, so that you can buy a set of induction heating equipment with high cost performance.



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