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Stainless steel annealing furnace these characteristics are too good to believe their eyes!

FOREVER has been committed to increasing revenue for customers, reducing power consumption, induction heating equipment series of new products continue to adhere to this concept. stainless steel pipe heating furnace is very good, both in terms of efficiency, energy efficiency and durability.

The stainless steel annealing furnace not only uses IGBT power supply with international imported components, the performance of the annealing furnace is improved obviously, energy-saving greatly, and can be easily faced with all kinds of bad working conditions. Maximize power efficiency, effectively reduce operating costs. High power factor, power factor greater than 0.98, small reactive power loss, this part of the power saving than silicon controlled medium frequency power supply by 3%-5%.IGBT adopts a full-style rectifier module, the rectifier part does not adjust the thyristor conduction angle, Therefore, the power factor of the whole process is greater than 0.98, and the reactive power loss is small.

Stainless steel annealing furnace from mechanical transmission to transmission engine complete set of high-durability parts. This not only makes the steel tube heat treatment furnace more sensitive, higher efficiency, can reduce the energy loss, thus improve the work efficiency, reduce the loss for the customer, improve the revenue, greatly shorten the time of cost recovery.


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